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Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd

Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd Message

Photo: Akihito Ando

Commencing from the development of elevator in 1920, Hitachi, Ltd. has been engaged in the development of elevators and escalators for nearly 100 years and is currently one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

In Vietnam, starting from the first elevator delivered in 1995, Hitachi has been trusted and engaged in a number of projects, with the support of local distributors.
Now, in 2016, Hitachi has established Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd to further meet the requirements of its customers and provide safe and quality service in Vietnam.

At Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd, we train each of our representatives to treat customers with the highest sincerity, be prompt in response, and look for solutions to our customers’ needs.
The underlying philosophy here is “customer-first”.
We want our customers to be delighted to have chosen Hitachi, and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming years.

Hitachi Elevator Vietnam Co., Ltd
General Director
Akihito Ando